Upcoming Free webinar on how to start a property inspection business

Attn: Builders and tradies! Have you considered using your existing skills to start a business as a pre purchase property inspector? I did exactly this about 4 years ago.

I wanted to finally see an end to the early starts, working on the tools, chasing unpaid invoices, wasting time quoting jobs i never get…it goes on and on…so i looked into starting a property inspection business.

After a ton of research I was totally surprised at the benefits compared to working as a builder or a tradie. It’s like a hidden industry secret.

Here are some of the benefits:

Chasing unpaid invoices? – Forget it – you’re paid upfront every time in this business.

Wasting time quoting jobs you never get? – You are pre paid for every property visit.

High income – ridiculously low expenses.

No more early morning starts.

Get off the tools – no more physical work.

No more paper work – throw away your filing cabinet.

A simple business – easy to learn and easy to sell at a later date.

Build your own business and brand – instead of building a franchise brand.

A great time flexible lifestyle.

I’m sure you’ll agree this is a fantastic business. One where you can use your exisiting skills (whether you’re a tradie or builder or even if you’re not) to help you.

My name is Wayne Black and four years ago i decided to get off the tools and start a pre purchase property inspection business and i havn’t looked back.

With high income and very low expenses, flexible time during the week, no chasing unpaid invoices, no wasting time quoting jobs i never get…i could go on and on.

I have created an online course that will show you how to successfully start and run your own property inspection business.

Absolutely everything you need to know is provided including all required materials and ongoing support.

You can be up and running at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a franchise. I’ll also explain the greatest negative to buying a franchise on the webinar. Thats beside the huge buy in price!

On Friday 16th July 10am Sydney time i am holding a free Zoom webinar that will explain everything in 60 minutes and i will answer any questions you may have. Seats are limited so you’ll have to register.

Click HERE to register and see you on the webinar.