A bit about myself and the business.

Workshop creator and property inspector Wayne Black has been involved in business for over 25 years, mostly in the building industry but sometimes not. 

I started out as an electrician a long time ago and built a great business which was sold in the late 90s.

I dabbled in a couple of non building industry businesses over the years and 7 years ago i decided to start a pre purchase property inspection business.  I didn’t want to pay up to $80k for a franchise or more for an existing business so i started from scratch, learning and funding as i went…..mistakes and all. Thats called bootstrapping a business by the way.

My inspection business is based in the inner west of Sydney, it has been very successful.

More recently i created the Inspector Success workshop to share my proprietary strategies and methods with other aspiring property inspectors and to get them started in this lucrative and enjoyable industry.

It is truly one of the most profitable, easy and satisfying business ventures i have been involved with.

By taking attending the workshop you’ll have the knowledge and resources it took me years to obtain. You can avoid the expensive and time consuming learning process ( also known as mistakes) i encountered. You’ll be up and running in this great industry in no time.

The workshop curriculum is modelled on my own successful property inspection business which has been operating for over 7 years. Meaning this isn’t just theory. Every strategy works and is proven to work.

The course is divided into 6 modules, as follows:

  1. Introduction to the industry
  2. Setting up your business
  3. Marketing
  4. The inspection
  5. The report
  6. Finance and final notes

There are marketing materials and templates of reports provided.  Ads, emails, letters, report templates, checklists etc…pretty much everything you need for your business.

There is also ongoing online support.

I want you to be successful in your business and i’m here to support you.