Course Content

Course content

The following is an outline of the course content. It is a draft for now and but will be close to the final product.

The course consists of 7 modules broken down into sub topics. It is a mix of video, audio and text. It includes copies of building reports, building industry guides, emails & letters to clients and sources of work. Basically everything you need to start and run a successful property inspection business.

  1. Introduction

The opportunity
The industry
The benefits of property inspection compared to other businesses
The business model

2. The business success mindset

GoodwilI in business

Think like a business person and an inspector

Be positive
Only action gets results
“Do not ever bad mouth the competition,agents etc”
“Treat it like an 8 hour job,If you’re not inspecting you’re doing something work related”
Goal setting (daily,weekly,monthly etc)

3. Getting started. Setting up your business and other issues.

Very low start up costs
Setting up the home office
Registering a business name. (company or sole trader?)
Registering a domain name
Pricing your inspections, discounting etc
Things you’ll need to purchase for inspection
Your vehicle
Your appearance
Insurance and protection for yourself

Legal matters

Tax issues
Pest inspection as well?
Other types of inspections or services you can offer
Business plan
See if you can accompany an inspector outside of your/their area
Vista Print

4. Getting business.

Marketing is not advertising
Why marketing for pre purchase inspections is different to other types of business
Google/Google My Business
Your website
Real estate agents
Your brand
Your logo
Your business card
Your vehicle
Your USP
You personally.(attitude,look,manner,communication,you are your brand)
Networking,Chamberof Commerce,BNI,Meetup etc
Referral services/lead websites
Citation websites
Using the inspection as a marketing opportunity

5. Performing the inspection and report.

It will take a while to get the hang of it
Understanding the client. (needs,expectations,fears etc)
Do a couple of free inspections and reports for practice
The booking/inspecting process
Leave a lot of time for your first couple of paid inspections
How to inspect the house.(+inspecting checklists)
The report. (different types of report and reporting:apps)
Delivering the report
Creating folders and backing up
Getting paid
When to refuse a job
The client/house owner/RE agent at the inspection
Hierarchy of ideal inspection conditions
The relevant Australian standards. {Inspections must meet)
“Thermal imaging, moisture metering, technology”
“Focusing on the small details,concentrate”
My most common defects
Do not disclose to the agent or house owner your findings
Dealing with agents
Onselling the report

6. Finances.

Different clients require different payment types.(conveyancer vs private)
What to charge
Stay on top of your financial situation
You don’t need to invoice unless you’re asked for one

7. Problems you may encounter 

Non payment (no payment – no report)
Too many people at inspect on
House full of stuff
Unsafe conditions
RE agent influencing the inspection